Outsource your print jobs to India, to AdDress ODS and get the similar or better quality at an unchallengeable pricing. We understand that printing is a small but important part in helping our client’s business prospers. Hence, we are committed to constantly improving our business - our people, our technology and our focus on customer service – in accordance with our client’s needs. We will deliver quality printing on time, on budget – every time.


Like other services in the BPO industry, the main attraction of outsourcing is pricing. We can provide you better quality service in a price that you can not even expect in the local market. For example, the price of printing 1000 business card with 4color offset printing on 300gsm art/mat card paper is only AED.190/- (2000pcs -AED.220). When quantity increases, the price may come down up to an unbelievable level


We will deliver the printed material in your office premises through air cargo – courier service. Normally it takes four days for the shipment. Freight charges are included in the pricing. No additional charges required.


If you have a ready to print artwork with you, just send it to us along with the technical details like – quality/weight/finish of the paper, laminations, folding, creasing etc. By that we can send you an immediate quote without any time delay.

If you have a artwork ready, but not sure about the technical aspects, just send the artwork to us, our experts will assist you and submit you 2/3 options of pricing depending up on the quality of printing.

Do not have an artwork? Our graphic designers are ready to prepare good designs for your business card, brochures, leaflets, menu or whatever is your requirement. And if you are ordering for both printing and designing there will be considerable discount in the designing charges than the normal costs.

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