With more than half of the world's population glued to the World Wide Web, it is but natural to witness online trade prospers like never before. Keeping in sync with latest trends, AdDress ODS offers web development services that are both affordable and effective.

E commerce web design is a lot more than just putting your company brochure on the net or adding an internet shopping cart to your existing product catalog. There are some fundamental differences between doing business online and doing business the traditional way. Before you design your business web site, you must know what specific goals you desire to achieve with your business web site, determine how best to meet your goals based on your budget, and then determine what software and services you will use to design your e-commerce web site.

Web Site Business Objectives
  • A small business web site can do many things. This can include:
  • Generate Leads. Pre-sell your business services and products to generate telephone, e-mail, or online form leads from customers.
  • Generate Sales Quotes. Solicit or generate automated quotes that in turn generate a customer sale or lead.
  • Generate Advertising Revenue. Display online content and free services with affiliate or ad network advertisements that generate advertising revenue from your merchant partners.
  • Provide A Storefront. Host online catalog that fully automates the customer purchase and communications process.
  • Generate Customer Traffic. Generate customer traffic from search engines and business directories to pre-sell your product or service. Traffic is then re-directed to you main web site or product web pages.

Whether it is Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer eCommerce, the sites developed by us are methodologically structured, secure and easily accessible. To ensure safety and better management of your back-end operations, we use database software like MySQL.

Bolster the prospects of your business by developing your own comprehensive online shop that offers attractive features to web users and entices them into buying your products or services.

AdDress ODS is your invariable one-stop shop for unraveling the enigmas of the World Wide Web and its integral services.

While Developing E-commerce Website

We put great concentration in the following points while developing an Ecommerce website.

  • Excellent Navigation- this will be among the top priorities during ecommerce website development. Browsing the website must not pose any problem for any shopper. They go to your website for information so the quicker they can get it, the better. A web designer must also avoid confusing users to other links or websites which are not aptly describe

  • Visual Aids- pictures and videos form an integral part on ecommerce website development. The visuals donít just make the website more appealing but more enticing for shoppers to buy products. a web site must provide pictures or descriptions to help the customer decide if she wants the product or not. This makes life easier for your potential buyers and proves high usability of the website

  • Support your Brand- make sure that the schemes of design that you come up during ecommerce website development are consistent with the visuals that you want to project online about yourself or about your company

  • Content- a great deal of time for ecommerce website development is devoted to this. The content of the site will do the talking to catch the interest of your clients

  • Search Engine Friendly. For most online businesses, most customer traffic comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or MSN. If part of your e-Commerce web site design strategy is to generate search engine traffic, you will need search engine optimization expertise to succeed.

  • Feedback- builds a relationship with the users by asking for suggestions or comments. Ecommerce website development doesnít stop upon completion of the design. Channels of communication must be provided between the online store and its clients.

  • Platform- ecommerce website development involves preparing the website for use of people from around the globe

  • Web Site Automation Tools. There are thousands of web site tools such as shopping carts, content management systems, e-mail auto-responders, payment processors, search engine optimization tools, online bulletin boards, traffic analyzers, and advertising management tools. Add website automation tools depending up on your requirement and budget only.

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