The Benefits of Job Outsourcing

With the advent of globalization, more and more jobs are being outsourced to India. The outsourcing trend has brought with it a vast number of opportunities to India. So why are people outsourcing jobs to India? Let's find out why job outsourcing has become so popular. Although outsourcing has been prevalent for a long time, it has never been as large as it is now. When jobs were being outsourced from the US to countries such as, Mexico, no one realized that outsourcing would cause such a major impact on India. India has become the world's outsourcing hub and has become the most ideal place for offshore outsourcing. This trend of sending jobs to India has been termed as "job outsourcing"

Job outsourcing has bought plenty of jobs to India. India too has been able to attract jobs from the US and other European countries. With this excessive job outsourcing to India to reduce costs, there has been a loss of jobs in the US. However this has not stopped the trend of job outsourcing. In fact,more and more outsourcers feel that job outsourcing can help them gain a competitive edge in their business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Jobs to India

Today, communication can be made between two countries without any difficulty. The development in communication and technology has broken down barriers. There are no longer any barriers between countries and this has made job outsourcing to India possible.

  • Faster and Better Communication
    Job outsourcing has only become possible because of the improvements in communications. Since communication has become so fast, easy and simple, distance is no longer a barrier between two organizations, no matter where in the world the organizations are located. Advancements in calling, emailing and chatting have made communication throughout the course of a project easy. Today, even video conferencing is possible and people can see each other, although they are miles apart. Companies no longer hesitate to opt for job outsourcing to India because of such advancements in communication. Organizations in India can send the completed work to organizations in the US for reviewing many times and work can go back and forth with ease. This is yet another reason why job outsourcing to India has become an ideal choice for outsourcers.

  • The Advent of Globalization

    Globalization brought along with it several factors such as, lower costs of communication, transportation and production. Globalization has also broken down barriers such as, trade barriers, cultural barriers, language barriers etc. With the coming of globalization, the relationship between countries has improved and the world has become a much smaller place with no boundaries and no distinction between countries. With the advantages that globalization has brought in, job outsourcing has been on the rise.

  • Time Zone Advantages

    Earlier the distance between countries was a barrier, but today this distance has become an advantage! India, for example has a different time zone when compared to US and Europe. This has also increased the volume of job outsourcing to India. For India, this is a major advantage as jobs sent during the evening in the US can be completed in India during the day and sent back to the US. This has increased delivery time and organizations in the US are happy about this. The time zone advantage between India and US has increased job outsourcing to India.

  • The "New" India

    With this excessive of job outsourcing to India, India has emerged as a new nation regarding the following factors which earlier crippled India's growth in business. With democracy, support from the government, more freedom for businesses, fewer restrictions and regulations, lesser interest rates and fewer restrictions concerning outsourcing, India has become a more ideal place for job outsourcing.

  • Human Resources

    Before outsourcing, India's large population was a major disadvantage to the country's growth. But with the coming of outsourcing, it has proved to be a boon to India. The people in India are satisfied to work for lesser salaries and what people earn from the outsourcing industry is much higher than what they will earn elsewhere. The large number of human resources has enabled India cater to even large volumes of job outsourcing. India can thus meet any need that job outsourcing offers with its readily available human resources. India's human resources are skilled, professional, highly-educated and talented. This advantage of India has attracted a lot of job outsourcing in the recent years.

  • The "English" Advantage

    India has the highest number of English speakers among other developing countries. In India, English is taught in schools and Indians start conversing in English right from school. This has proved to be advantage to India, because with the coming of outsourcing, and the internet as the medium, Indians could readily cater to the outsourcing industry because of their fluency in English. In most English-medium schools in India, students study other foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish etc. This advantage over the English language has set India apart from other countries.

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